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Slingshot in Cusco

Slingshot in Cusco

Who never dreamed of flying like Superman? In Action Valley Park we give you the opportunity to make your dream fly more than 120 meters high in just 3 seconds.The slingshot or the catapult is the highest in the world. it’s something like the back of the Bungee Jump; feel the emotion and adrenaline to the maximum being thrown like a rocket in the way of the safest way; This tour is perfect for those looking to feel adrenaline: The user is secured to the ground with a special anchoring system and one end of the link is anchored to his harness on the back, while the other end is anchored to the elevator. Once the elevator rises to a certain height according to the weight of the user who stretches the link,

the trigger on the ground will activate releasing it towards the air, being suspended safely from the elevator.

As members of the Peruvian Bungee Jumping Association, we comply with the highest international safety standards, We have insurance, manuals, procedures and equipment of the latest technology.




Round trip transportation.

Security equipments.

League according to weight.

Specialized instructors.

SFree T-Shirt (according to stock).



45 kg. (99 lb.)


115 kg. (253 lb.)




  • Hypertension.
  • Heart problems.
  • Recent fractures in upper and/or lower limbs.
  • Column problems.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Pregnancy.

Price per Person


Tour Slingshot in Cusco        $90


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